Wall Walkers, Inc. is a technology-based company which was founded in 2016. Wall Walkers aims to provide the best and most convenience products for people.

At present, there are three products that Wall Walkers has, including Wall Walkers Safety Backpack, Wall Walkers New Tech Bicycle, and Wall Walkers Solar Cookers. 

The main products of Wall Walkers are Safety Backpacks. This is a self-developed product which can help people to escape from an emergency disaster, such as fire casualty or earthquake. In addition, the usage of this safety backpack is simple and safe. 

Wall Walkers New Tech Bicycle is a new concept for bicycles. There is a double crank joystick to control bicycle to move forward instead of old fashion way. 

The speed that this bicycle provides are 1.6 times faster than the normal bicycle, meanwhile, it is comfortable for people while riding the bicycle. 

Wall Walkers Solar Cookers is based on the concept of sustainability development. The Entire system does not require any extra power but the sunshine, which means that this Cookers only need to use solar energy for cooking.

 Wall Walkers, Inc. has research and development department, manufacture department, sales department.



Solar Cooker

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