High-rise building shine in the city, they also reduced per-capita living space of urban residents. However, the construction of high-risk buildings is a double-edged sword; it establishes the metropolis but brings unpredictable dangers like fire, earthquake and sinkhole.

Being equipped with the escaping device especially for residents living in high-risk buildings is necessary. How to escape fast and safe from the disaster in an easiest way? Wall Walker will be the answer.

Wall Walker was founded by Cong Meng in 2016. The Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016 has shocked Japan as well as Cong. Cong wanted to do what he can do to make the world a better place, he came up to an idea of "Walking on the Wall". It might be just a simple idea, but he made it come to life. In 6 months, Wall Walker rapidly grows up to 17 people, and now has 1 patent and 2 patents in pending. Wall Walker boasting the best technology in the industry, we develop and manufacture the most technological advanced, high performance products in the world.


Wall Walker High Rise Safety Equipment is a high-rise escape self-help equipment. When the event of an emergency or disaster happens, people who are trapped can use it quickly safe escape. (Features)

This product is built on friction and deceleration principle, which controls the falling speed by reducing the speed of cable avulsed. This device is mainly composed of brake axis, cable reel, steel cable, three planet gears and manual brake. (Exploded View)

The main parts are brake axis, brake shoes that screws within the cable reel and planet gears that works as differential and transmission.

The reel structure is fixed inside the backpack; in use, the combined safety buckle on the top of the cable should be pull out of the backpack and locked on the suspension loop fixed inside the room; the safety buckle on the backpack helps fixing the bag on the back.

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