This bicycle changes the traditional style of driving, and also meet the form of human motion mechanics, reduce body fatigue to achieve long distance cycling. (Features)

Currently, most of bicycles are working by the chain and the main gear. When the chains pass through the main gear from the central axis of the bicycle, this chain will drive the sub gear. In this mechanical mode, the distance from center of main gear to pedal is will be the force arm; the chain only played a role in the transmission force. The disadvantage of this drive is: when pedal at 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock, legs needs to produce a force push pedal forward. This is the major factor cause of fatigue in legs. When pedal at 6 to 12 o’clock, legs must do circular motion with the pedal, at this time, legs do not give force to main gear. This will also cause of fatigue in legs. When main gear rotation of the process, three quarters of the movement of the legs no longer force state. This is not consistent with the laws of human motion mechanics.

This product addresses the above mentioned existing technical deficiencies provide a new Double crank joystick bicycle. This product will change the traditional drive mode of bike. This bike consistent with human motion mechanics, reduce body fatigue, to achieve long distance cycling.

How does it work? When the right pedal goes down, right connecting crank swing down; right joystick swing forward with right connecting crank; right connecting rod pass through right crank drive main gear. Main gear drive sub gear by chain. The up and down movement of pedal, converted to swing back and forth of joystick. The movement of the main gear is caused by connecting rod to main gear. Main gear drive sub gear turning by chain. Right and left pedal do the reciprocation at 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock. User’s legs only need to do press down with the lift, can achieve the bike forward motion. Feet press down 90 degree, then lift 90 degree can make main gear turn a cycle. In this way, we can achieve a fast speed and a high efficiency human-driven vehicle.

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