Pollutions are getting seriously while science and technology are getting better. Now, more and more people pay their attention on new energy. From the new power drive system to a new type of energy generating devices, new energy getting closer to people’s lives. People read news about those new energy, they also have seen it on TV. However, how many people feel the convenience that new energies provide? WallWalkers Inc new solar oven will bring you a new experience.


This solar oven changed the mode that traditional oven rely on, which is coal and gas. Solar oven using solar heating plate, and vacuum heating tube to achieve more than 300ºC, which is sufficient to bake the food. (Features)

This solar oven produced by WallWalkers Inc, it can reach 100ºC in ten minutes. And when 25 minutes, the temperature inside the tube can reach 300ºC.

This product uses 1250*625 mm reflector which can produce 300 º C, the condenser rate is 10 times to the ordinary reflector plate. We imported this reflector from German, it made by mirror aluminum. The oven tube of this solar oven has made through 23 processes, and in order to get ultra-low vacuum, this oven tube needs to heat up to 450ºC by three hours. The inner part of this oven tube includes a washable transvers grid, baking pan which coated by an easy clean ceramic coating, upper exhaust hole, log handle, and the oil discharge hole. (Exploded View)

This solar oven grill food in the sealed tube, and heating all around the food. Which can give a uniform heating to food and make food less water loss, also make it nutrition and health. By this solar oven camper with tradition oven, it will produce different flavors for food. And there is no soot charcoal, will not carcinogenic, can preservation the original taste and nutrition by food.

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